Opportunities available for emeritus students

The Richland Emeritus plus 50 program is offering a variety of fun and useful noncredit classes this summer for those 50 and older. There are classes in art, history, fitness, religion, literature, music and the humanities.

Dara Eason, senior program development specialist for the emeritus program and Minnie Cornelius, department assistant, hosted the kick-off event April 25, which included some of the professors who discussed their classes.

Eason spoke to the audience about the emeritus waiver and its requirements.

“In Texas, if you’ve been a resident for one year, you can get six credit hours per semester for free,” Eason said. “The requirements are you have to be at least age 65 at the time of registration, a Dallas County resident and been in Texas for one year.”

If you meet the requirements, you can take six credit hours (two three-hour classes) per semester for free, Easton added.

“Your tuition is paid for,” Eason said. “That’s for the credit classes, not for the noncredit classes. Students are still responsible for books and other fees.”

“It’s the best kept secret in Texas,” Cornelius said. “We’re trying to promote it. Collin County does not offer this. When you go online, you’ll find out how much the classes are.”

Some of the credit computer classes offered this summer include: Essential Computer Skills 1, 11, and III; iPhones, Levels I, II, III; Legacy Family Tree Software I and II; Photoshop, “Restoration Plus Independent Projects”; Photoshop Elements Basics Plus Independent Projects; More Photoshop Elements Independent Projects.

Esther Kelly teaches the “Hearing Matters” class Mondays from 1:30 to 3 p.m. June 17-July 8. She has been working for the State of Texas helping people who have hearing loss.

Kelly said she has experienced hearing loss herself. She was deaf in one ear and as her hearing loss progressed, she got hearing aids. Kelly works full time helping people of any age with hearing loss. time.

To sign up for any Emeritus plus 50 class, go to their website: https://richlandcollege.edu/emeritus/ or call the office at 972-238-6972.