The Algebra Corner is a plus for math students

The Algebra Corner is a tutoring area for Richland students who need help with algebra homework.

Computers fill the room in which students can access online tools and also their homework. A large roundtable sits in the middle of the room where students can ask for assistance from their peers, commonly known as student facilitators.

Facilitators are there to assist those who need help. They are not tutors, as in professional teachers, but are strictly students who have an extensive background in mathematics and in helping others.

Freddie Diaz coordinates the Algebra Corner and the Math Corner. He stresses that the facility is there to allow students to grow with other students.

“A tutor is someone who is there to teach, assist and supplement. We do not supplement. The facilitator is a student so they cannot teach,” Diaz said. “The facilitator is not faculty, but someone who took the class earlier and knows enough to want to help and can help.”

Facilitators at the Algebra Corner help a student work a problem from Part A to Part B.

“They do not help with whole thing because students must learn it and practice it as well,” Diaz said.

The Algebra Corner also helps those with learning or physical disabilities.

“The College Algebra Corner is in partnership with the Access One-On-One Center upstairs inside the Learning Center (M126), second door on the side,” Diaz said.

It’s a computer lab. Yet algebra isn’t the only thing that students can ask for assistance with. The Higher Math Corner offers help in Calculus I and II, statistics, triginometry, pre-calculus along with other math-related courses. Those who need help with developmental math should go to the Center for Success in the mathematics lab or the Learning Center lobby located in .

Workshops are available in one-hour online sessions. The Algebra Corner is located in Medina Hall, M119.