Preparing for the Sesay administration

The new Richland Student Government Administration (SGA) will meet during the summer to make plans for the upcoming school year. The new officers were sworn into office April 25 and will assume their duties Aug. 26.

During their last meeting, Haya Qazi, the outgoing club president, officially swore-in the newly elected officers who will run SGA affairs during the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.

The SGA held elections April 3 for the positions of president, vice-president, speaker of the house, secretary, historian, parliamentarian, historian, and treasurer. All of the nominees had prior experience with SGA and the events the organization hosts throughout the school year.

Edward Sesay and Haya Qazi shake hands to pass the SGA torch.

Edward Sesay and Haya Qazi shake hands to pass the SGA torch.

“They all worked as a group very well, so they all have a good foundation on what they are going to need to do and I think they are going to be fine,” Kelly Sonnanstine, SGA adviser and program services coordinator, said. “Their biggest challenge is going to be bringing new people into the fold, which is always the biggest challenge.”

While the transition itself was not as spectacular as the U.S. presidential transition, which includes an inaugural address at the Capitol Building, former and new SGA members showed emotions ranging from sadness to joy as one club chapter ended and a new one began.

Almost immediately after Qazi swore in the new officers, newly appointed SGA President Edward Sesay took hold of the session and gave those in attendance a sneak peek of what to expect for next school year.

“For the future, I’m still looking for some events and some fun stuff for you guys,” Sesay said. “I’ll do my best, and I’ll do anything in my power to make you guys feel welcome during the fall semester.”

Sesay and the new officers are working on three resolutions proposed by the former president that will be presented to Richland President, Dr. Kay Eggleston. The resolutions include installing lights on the El Paso bridge and the East Breezeway outside of Fannin Hall, the implementation of location signs in all elevators identifying the hall in which they are located and restrictions against feeding the Richland wildlife in order to preserve the balance of the ecosystem.

Sesay said he wants to work on the creation of new SGA committees, including legislation, resolution and judicial committees, that will work to spread the news of SGA’s commitment to represent the voice of the Richland student body.

SGA recently introduced a new access tab on eCampus under the Thunderduck Commons heading so students can reach SGA officers for updates on SGA affairs and learn more about the organization.

As the transition ceremony took place, those in attendance learned the elected speaker of the house, Makayla Logan, decided to step down. In light of the news, Sonnanstine said there are candidates who have expressed interest in the position. As of now, the role of speaker remains vacant. All applicants are under review.

“I’m proud of all the officers. I feel like they will settle into their roles amazingly,” Qazi said in her closing remarks. With her presidency over, she is looking forward to continuing her education at Southern Methodist University, where she hopes to participate in student government.