Motor Vice Show brings retro to Dallas

Despite the light drizzling rain and gray skies covering the sun, the Motor Vice Show moved forward with the scheduled event March 30. Inside the warehouse and parking lot at BMP Tuning in Carrolton, Texas, where the event was held, art and history mixed together to showcase automotive legends from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

The event was organized by Tim Neely, a man with great passion for collecting cars and the creator of Tim’s Enthusiast Garage.

“We try to make it an interactive event. Make it immersive,” Neely said. “I wanted a place to showcase my own cars and for other people to do so as well.”

Motor Vice Show began in September 2018 and has held events in the Midwest and Florida before coming to the DFW Metroplex.

Aside from the cars themselves, the event had a playlist of famous songs from the ‘80s and ‘90s playing in the background. In between songs, a DJ would ask questions that only car enthusiasts, or those quick on the Google search, could answer for prizes. Visitors who didn’t win anything could purchase memorabilia from the themed decades. Notable among the inventory was a selection of comic books published from Marvel and DC and, of course, apparel items such as

sunglasses or T-shirts. For those who fancied something to eat, the event also included a food truck.

As for the cars, there were many standouts. Several caught my attention. They included iconic Porsche 911 and 944, a well-kept interior and exterior 560 SEL luxury sedan from Mercedes that looked as good as any modern Merc, a DeLorean which unfortunately did not go ‘back to the future’ at 88 mph or hover in the air, and a singular 1980s Honda Gold Wing cruise motorcycle that only needed Christopher Cross’ “Ride like the Wind” playing in the background.

There was a special appearance by Ferrari with the 512. The bodywork pays homage to the past with a modern interpretation of the gorgeous Ferrari Testarossa.

My personal favorite was a Delta Integrale Evoluzione II from the underrated Italian car company, Lancia. The Delta has a legacy of dominating rally motorsport races, especially in the highly dangerous and experimental Group B races in earlier days.

“For a lot of people, they have not seen those cars unless in posters,” Neely said. “We try to get a good crew and find people that are enthusiastic about cars.”

Each event allows people to bring many kinds of cars. Around 400 people have registered their cars on the Facebook pages.