SGA results are in

Student government ready for new semester

Richland students elected their new Student Government Association (SGA) executive board on April 2 and 3. The election results were announced April 5.

Edward Sesay, a long-time member of SGA, was elected as the new president in an uncontested race.

“It felt great [to win president]. I’ve been waiting for this for the past two or three years. I started as House of Representatives, worked my way up – and really, I never knew this day would happen,” Sesay said.

Kimberly Le was elected vice president (VP). Makayla Logan and Sam Mathew won speaker of the house and treasurer, respectively. Hazem Alhattawi won secretary, Avery Self won parliamentarian and Hannah Ngo won historian.

Edward Sesay talks with students at the SGA election table in the student lounge.

Edward Sesay talks with students at the SGA election table in the student lounge.

Together, the president, vice president, speaker of the house, treasurer, secretary, parliamentarian and historian constitute the executive board.

Le released a written statement expressing gratitude for her victory and enthusiasm for the upcoming semester.

“I’m incredibly grateful and excited that I can continue my involvement here but this time to do so as the SGA VP [vice president]. I want to focus on informing the student body that (1) We do have a student government, (2) We want to really live by our purpose of serving students first and finally (3) We really don’t bite. So please don’t hesitate to come to us with any ideas to better your time at Richland!”

All of the elected students had served in SGA for at least one semester prior.

“All of them have been in SGA for a very long time, so they have the knowledge and experience to continue the legacy that we have created thus far,” said Haya Qazi, outgoing SGA president. “The last executive board was inexperienced and was only testing out the waters, but we managed to create a solid foundation for our new members. I hope that each of the officers will fill in their rolls and fulfill their responsibilities as the voice of the students.”

According to the SGA website, the goals of SGA are “To uphold Richland College students’ rights, needs, and interests; To ensure academic freedom and academic responsibility; To further educate and provide student leadership and community service opportunities; To encourage cooperation and communication between RLC students, faculty, administration and other RLC campus organizations while encouraging participation from the student body; To serve as a primary voice for the needs of all students.”

According to the SGA website, the responsibilities of SGA include organizing campus events, addressing student issues of concern and facilitating a variety of programs and projects to benefit the Richland student body. Their primary duties include overseeing student services, compulsory fees and budgeting. Compulsory fees include fees for student activities, health services and technology.

Sesay is a Gambian native who became a United States citizen in October 2018. As he has previously noted, because of his citizenship he can “run for office in the future.” He was very proud and excited to win the position.

“I hope to please the students. I hope that voices will be heard from the high school level and the college level. I will do my best in my power to help every student in need,” Sesay said.