Opening containers: A ‘can of worms’

Just recently, I came to the conclusion that some things are more difficult for women than they are for men. If you haven’t noticed, just about everything being sold in stores is geared toward men.

A few examples: Last night, I was trying to get a large tube of toothpaste open. I tried to twist the cap. Nothing happened. I grabbed a small towel to wrap around the cap and twisted again. It wouldn’t budge.

I wonder if it ever occurred to men how frustrating it is for women to try to open stubborn bottle-caps, boxed foods, all sizes of cans and other goods. Just trying to pry them open to me is downright nerve-wracking.

Joyce Jackson tries to open a milk bottle.

Joyce Jackson tries to open a milk bottle.

Some of us ladies, however, are luckier than others. I’m fortunate enough to have a man in the house: my husband. He just happens to be a handyman.

So, if he sees me struggling trying to get something open, he’ll come to my rescue. He knows how impatient I am when it comes to opening cans, bottles and boxes just to cook a meal and that it has irritated me for years.

Sometimes I have to call him, just like you would a cute, little puppy, but he answers my call.

Men don’t like to go hungry, so they usually respond to a woman’s cry for help in the kitchen when it comes time for supper.

I’ve wondered for years what type of paper the food companies use to package their goods, especially meals boxed in tough cardboard or those that go in the microwave. I sometimes think these companies have something against women because they don’t realize how hard it is to get these items opened.

Usually, I try first to rip the box open with my fingers, but that never works.

I cut the cardboard on the box on one side or the other if my husband doesn’t happen to be around. If he is, I just call him over and he rips it right open. Men really have it easy when it comes to getting something to eat, especially if they live alone.

Women can experience pure misery trying to open small, canned foods like tuna fish. It’s easy to use a can opener, but that’s where it ends. I don’t have the strength to pull the cap off without getting drenched in tuna juice. But, my husband figured out a way for me to open cans by myself and it works great.

Here’s the secret for others who hate opening cans. First, use the can opener to loosen the top of the can. Then pull the top up a little. Take a screwdriver and push it through the hole on the top of the lid and pull back toward where you’re standing. Presto! It opens right up with no mess. You haven’t broken your beautifully polished fingernails and you can now enjoy some tuna and feel proud that you’ve solved the problem. I now keep a screwdriver handy for just such use.

Surely, a lot of women can relate to my misery. I hope food companies will find a way to make these products easier to open. Maybe we just need to contact them and let them know what the problem is.