‘Superhuman’ named Employee of the Year

After more than a decade of service with DCCCD, Jack Fletcher was lauded with the Richland Employee of the Year Award at the 2018 fall convocation.

A man of many talents, Fletcher is at the epicenter of student journalism on the Richland campus. It is his work initiative and dedication to the college and the students that has earned him the support of his peers and colleagues at Richland.

Classroom Technology Specialist is his official title, but his reach goes beyond the four walls of a classroom and it is no surprise that he usually omits the word “classroom” whenever he introduces himself.

“I don't like the word classroom. So, I call myself technology specialist or an engineer,” Fletcher said. “I am the tech guy.”

As the tech guy, he is the engineer for the Richland journalism department. He oversees technical production of the TV, radio station and website, intertwining all three elements for a smooth operation within the department.

Fletcher is nearing his 15th year as a full-time DCCCD staff member. In April 2019, he is slated to receive an award commemorating his tenure with the DCCCD.

Jack Fletcher at his desk in the student journalism department in El Paso Hall.

Jack Fletcher at his desk in the student journalism department in El Paso Hall.

Before he became a full-time staffer at Richland, Fletcher worked at Mountain View College, initially as a student and then as a part-time staff member. Eventually, he was promoted to a full-time staff in 2004, working there for another four years.

In 2008, Fletcher felt it was time for a change of scenery and transferred to Richland College. He immediately became immersed within the journalism department.

“I don't know if I could do my job nearly as effectively or efficiently if Jack wasn’t part of the team. I have always known Jack to be very much a team player. He is, in my way of thinking, an excellent employee to have reporting to me,” said Erica Edwards, Richland’s lead faculty and program coordinator for journalism and student media.

At Richland, his technical skills go beyond the confines of the journalism department. Fletcher became a technical theater specialist and assists with the lighting, audio/visual components and stage productions for events at the campus theater. In this role, Fletcher works in tandem with Jennifer Owens, the coordinator of technical theater at Richland.

Owens was the previous recipient of the Employee of the Year Award and it is rather apt that Fletcher followed suit, a testament to their work for the Richland community.

“I've had the joy of working in a career that I love, and Jack certainly has that same thing. He’s one of the top technical people in his skill set that I've ever worked with in my entire career. And he is excellent,” Owens said.

“He’s passionate about what he's doing and he's passionate about bringing those opportunities to students. And so that shines, and it helps make Richland excellent at doing what we do, which is helping to transform lives.”

Richland hosts about a 100 shows every year. About 40 of them are open to the public with an average attendance of 400 people. Fletcher is part of the crew that organizes the events.

“I have a chance to make an impact by helping to be the face of Richland. The performance hall is an important aspect to the college because it's like the one place a person in the community may go,” he said. “If they go anywhere on this campus [and are] not taking classes, they're going to go to the performance hall for some reason. And so, I like knowing that I help run a good event to help Richland put its best face forward for the community.”

A popular figure, Fletcher is fully embedded in the Richland College community.

“My plan is to continue to make this the best department we can be and to use my superhuman troubleshooting technology skills to encourage and help students be the best that they can be,” Fletcher said.