Club fair a door to opportunities

A complete college experience isn’t derived from academic coursework alone, but also the extracurricular activities available at the college.  Richland’s annual Club Fair is an opportunity for students to get involved with clubs and for clubs to showcase what they do and recruit new members.

“Generally, Club Fair is just that. It fills the whole student lounge and allows the students to go from booth to booth finding out what it takes to join a club and what it [the club] is all about,” said Louise Rodgers Keim, administrative assistant with the Office of Student Life (OSL).

There are currently more than 37 clubs and organizations at Richland offering students a variety of engaging opportunities. The majority of the clubs are student run and serve as avenues for enrichment, networking and fun.

The clubs work with OSL to meet certain requirements. The clubs are responsible for spreading the word about their club and recruiting new members.

This year, the OSL created an online form for students who are interested in the club, which made it easier for the clubs to recruit new members.

Blessing Nwoaba, a member of Phi Theta Kappa and the African Student Association, addressed the benefits of club participation.

“In being with ASA, you get to learn more about your history and heritage. You get to participate in events like cultural day and show your talents,” Nwoaba said.

“With PTK, you’re able to get scholarships [and] it will look good on your resume.”