MAP plots path for students’ success

The road to success is in a direction not easily found sometimes. The Male Achievement Program (MAP) at Richland College may just be the way for some students to find it. The organization has about 70 members with a goal of boosting membership to 100, according to MAP coordinator Gabe Randle.

The Richland website describes MAP as “a higher education-based student development association that seeks to increase retention and college completion rates of male/minority students.”

Randle said, “This organization originally started out as a grant. When the grant ran out the school itself said this program still needs to be in existence, and so the school turned it into an actual program. This program has been in existence for about five or six years.”

Members of the Male Achievement Program at a recent meeting.

Members of the Male Achievement Program at a recent meeting.

The program offers mentors, discussion groups, workshops, character development and study groups.

Edward Sesay, a second year member of MAP, wasn’t always sure that he wanted to join. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop him from becoming a part of an organization that would later have a great impact on his life.

“I came to realize that this is a good organization for me. It helped me to strive for excellence and also to do a good job in my classes, thanks to Gabe,” Sesay said.

Sesay said Randle has done so much for him. He is determined not to let Randle down.

“The program really does work if you let it work for you. It’s a great resource. The program is a one-stop shop for anything and everything you may need to be successful. Whatever you need we will provide it for you,” Randle said.

“We are kind of chameleons with this program. Every student that joins gets in for a different reason, but whatever that reason is, it’s our job to make sure we fulfill it,” Randle continued.

Any registered student can participate, including Richland Collegiate High School students. MAP meets every Tuesday from 2 to 3 p.m. in Sabine Hall, S117. Students can join at any time.

For more information, contact Randle at 972-238-6292 or e-mail: Students can also stop by the Lakeside Resource Center in El Paso Hall, Room E082.