Press play: Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 is out

It is great to see Spider-Man in the movies and on TV, but what really amazes me is seeing him as a playable character in the “Spider-Man” PlayStation 4 videogame. Videogames like this need to be part of an actual movie because it shows the character’s backstory.

What really interested me the most about the game is the sinister six, some of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies. The six villains teamed up to take over Queens, New York, and build a criminal empire. The kingpin, Wilson Fisk, sets up the beginning of the story, but Spider-Man beats him up and puts him in handcuffs.

New Marvel video game brings Spiderman to the PS4 platform.

New Marvel video game brings Spiderman to the PS4 platform.

Marvel’s “Spider-Man” is a great game. It was so popular that Insomniac Games and Sony built a unique console for the videogame. “Spider-Man” is something that Tom Holland’s big screen Spider-Man could be. Peter Parker is a jerk as Spider-Man, not a goofball or a punk.

Yes, he might be a nerd, but he is humble in his care for Aunt May and lovable toward his future wife, Mary Jane Watson.

What I do not like about the videogame is the character Miles Morales. He doesn’t make an appearance or become the third Spider-Man after Parker dies at the hands of the berserk Green Goblin. Do not get me wrong. Morales is a brilliant superhero too, but it is not his time.

What I also do not like about the videogame is Spider-Man’s archenemy the Green Goblin (aka Norman Osborn) because Osborn did not do anything in the videogame except be the mayor of Queens and prevent crimes. I want to see the Green Goblin fight.

Finally, where is Venom in the videogame? If Spider-Man wore the black symbiote in the videogame he would beat the sinister six in minutes because Venom can enhance Spider-Man’s power and make him more aggressive.

With the Venom suit on, Spider-Man could pick up a car or 18-wheeler. Venom, however, is vulnerable toward high-quality sounds. If a church bell rang, he would scream. If a cymbal crashed, he would run away.