‘The Nun’ scares none

“The Nun” left many moviegoers jumping in their seats and some even screaming. For a select few, however, “The Nun” didn’t deliver what was expected. Moviegoers were met with lousy sound and spine-shivering silence. Even with all the bells and whistles, “The Nun” just didn’t have much of a fear factor.

The trailer created anticipation for scary movie lovers who were looking forward to a terrifying experience. Those who watched the trailer saw amazing graphics and great detail. The movie appeared to be extremely frightening. Unfortunately, the trailer was the scariest thing about “The Nun.”

Bonnie Aarons is not so scary in “The Nun.”

Bonnie Aarons is not so scary in “The Nun.”

The film is set in 1952 and takes place in a small town in Romania. A group of dedicated nuns live and pray in a creepy castle. The main characters are Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga), a nun in training, a Catholic priest named Father Burke (Demián Bichir) and a charming farmer named Frenchie (Jonas Bloquet).

Father Burke and Sister Irene, with the help of Frenchie, are sent out to investigate a suicide at a Romanian convent called The Abbey St. Carta. Sister Irene quickly learns the history of the abbey and why so many locals spit when the name is mentioned.

The abbey has a checkered past. Originally built by the duke of St. Carta, it was used by hell to create a gateway for all things evil. Fortunately, the church was able to storm the abbey before any the evil could escape because the gateway was sealed with a relic, also known as the blood of Jesus Christ. The loud sound effects left some moviegoers confused as to how the relic was removed or even lost in the first place.

This movie had great characters and awesome actors. Each part was well thought out and placed really well. The movie lacked in the areas of graphics and fear. In the trailer, “The Nun” looks vivid and terrifying. In fact, trailer was so frightening that some people opted out of seeing the film entirely because it looked “too scary.”

Much like “Slender Man,” the trailer gave the illusion of an action-packed, terrifying time when in reality it simply didn’t deliver. The actual nun depicted in the trailer lacked presence on screen. Instead, moviegoers were met with shadows, bumps in the night and an occasional jolt.

The creators of “The Nun” did everything right when it came to the storyline. It was well thought out and would make sense even to someone who didn’t pay attention to the details in the film. The characters were somewhat relatable, humorous, and the actors did an amazing job in their roles. As far as locations chosen for the movie, they were absolutely breathtaking.

But here’s the bottom line: With all the bells and whistles, great actors and beautiful locations the execution was questionable. Quite frankly, it was just forgettable.

“The Nun “will definitely not be among the horror film classics, but it can surely be successful at the box office. Should viewers go see it? My answer is yes and no. Yes, because it has some entertainment value and great qualities, and no because the movie is lacking the fear factor of movies like “The Conjuring” and “Annabelle.”