A remembrance: Thank you, David Goodloe

“Today is a wonderful day, I am going to celebrate my brother’s life today” — Stuart Goodloe

The Richland Chronicle returns this fall missing a part. It is with a collectively heavy heart that we must report the passing of David Goodloe.

David was an adviser and writing coach for the Chronicle for the past seven years and an important member of our team.

David Goodloe

David Goodloe

Son of Robert and the late Mary Goodloe, David had an interesting life. In 1959 his parents were missionaries in Africa. David was born in Rhodesia, a country now called Zimbabwe. Two years later the family moved back to the United States. David grew up with his brother Stuart in Conway, Arkansas.

In a conversation about his brother, Stuart shared that David’s love for journalism came early.

“David always wanted to be a journalist. That was his life-long dream, to be a journalist. He loved television shows back in the ‘70s that were about journalists.”

Anyone who knew David knew his two passions; journalism and the University of Arkansas where David received his bachelor’s degree in journalism in 1982.

“As long as I can remember, he always wanted to write and be in print journalism, so after graduation he worked at the Arkansas Gazette -- a paper he held in high regard,” said Robert (Bob) Goodloe, his father.

Throughout his life, David wrote articles on a variety of topics. He enjoyed writing about entertainment (music, movies, TV shows, books), current events, history, and sports. “David loved football. That was one of his favorite things to do was to go to a football game in his early days as a journalist and write an article about [a] football game,” Stuart said. David loved watching sports on TV. His favorite college team was the Arkansas Razorbacks. The Green Bay Packers were his favorite professional team.

In 1990, David lived in Denton and worked for the local newspaper while earning his master’s degree in journalism at the University of North Texas. In 1992 he started teaching at the University of Oklahoma. In addition to teaching, he edited an online magazine and wrote blogs.   

His mother died in 1995 and David, who was very close to her, moved back to Texas. David’s father later remarried and David gained a step-sister, Sheryl Hagen.

“He was the sweetest person, very modest, very frugal. There are many nice things you can say about him. He was just a neat guy,” Sheryl said. After her mother died, David would spend almost every weekend visiting Sheryl and his dad. According to Sheryl, David was very fond of animals, but he loved dogs. Sheryl’s shih tzu, Britney, was good company whenever David was visiting.

David was outside his apartment when he collapsed on June 20. His neighbors called 911 and David was taken to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. According to Stuart, he had a small concussion from the fall. The doctors decided to do a computerized axial tomography scan (CAT scan,) and found that David had lung cancer. The cancerous growth had already metastasized to his chest, lungs and around the heart area. Sadly, David died on June 25.

The entire Richland Student Media team was stunned. David began his stint as adviser with the Richland Chronicle in 2011. His specialty was editorial copy.

“The lifeblood of any newspaper is getting the facts right, the facts straight, and David was a walking encyclopedia of journalism knowledge, as far as writing, as far as style, as far as getting the facts right,” said Tim Jones, an adviser for the Chronicle.

Jones said he is going to miss talking to David during production days.

“He was one of those people we could have an intelligent conversation about most any subject, but he didn’t wear it on his sleeve. He didn’t make you think less for not knowing as much as he did about some particular subject. You could talk to David about anything, he had such a wide variety or interesting knowledge. A pretty amazing guy. I’m really going to miss him.”

Everyone who had the chance to meet David knew how smart, kind and passionate he was about journalism.

“He loved journalism and he loved working at the college. He loved teaching and that was some of his best days,” his brother Stuart said. “He was so proud of the work that you guys got and how well the paper did,” Sheryl added. “He enjoyed teaching and he enjoyed his students -- working with the newspaper did both,” David’s father said.

“It has been the greatest pleasure of my life to work with journalism students on the college level. For four years, I taught editing to students at the University of Oklahoma, and I have taught writing to students at Richland College in Dallas for more than seven years.” – David Goodloe davidgoodloe.wixsite.com/portfolio

The Chronicle family would like to extend our condolences to the family and thank them for sharing their memories of David’s life.

To read some of David’s stories, readers can access one of his blogs at www. birth-of-a-notion.blogspot.com