“Skyscraper” is a fiery inferno for Dwayne Johnson!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may be best known for his character Luke Hobbs in “The Fast and the Furious” movies, but his stellar reputation doesn’t follow him to the new action film “Skyscraper.” This one does not set the course for a thrilling ride of a lifetime or make the viewer want to return for more like the “Die Hard” films.

In “Skyscraper,” Johnson plays former FBI agent Will Sawyer. He lives in Hong Kong with his family in the tallest and safest skyscraper known as The Pearl. But when a group of terrorists take over the skyscraper, Sawyer must rescue his family from the tower before they are killed.

As far as action films go, “Skyscraper” deserves gold stars in three areas: the villains (including the leader Played by Roland Møller), the humor and Johnson’s performance in the second half of the film.

It’s not surprising that a terrorist group without any money adopts rich people’s values. These kind of roles are hard to play and continue throughout the course of this film. Based on the events that transpire, this film is a stunning throwback to some of the events that took place after 9/11. The story and casting may be meaningless, but Johnson was a good pick for this actioner after his “Fast and the Furious” films and the “Jumanji” sequel.

The rest of the film isn’t very enjoyable. The plot is cheesy and filled with clichés. The same applies to supporting actors Chin Han, Neve Campbell and Noah Taylor. Even the child

actors, McKenna Roberts and Noah Cottrell, don’t add much. The action sequences aren’t well done compared to thrilling action movies like “Air Force One,” “Speed” or “Top Gun” and does not make good use computer graphics to take the film to greater heights. Consider this an action film/stunt gig, Director Rawson Marshall Thurber also collaborated with Johnson on the action-comedy “Central Intelligence” which was well received by audiences in 2016.

Overall “Skyscraper” seems just OK. Johnson’s character falls short of Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford. I would recommend renting this film rather than purchasing it. It’s not a bad movie, but considering how goofy much of the setup for “Skyscraper” is, the film feels like “Die Hard” but with just Dwayne Johnson all over again.