'The Kissing Booth' review

I have seen lots of comments on the internet lately about the new Netflix production “The Kissing Booth,” so I decided to find out what the buzz was all about. From the short scenes I watched online, the film seems to be geared toward teenagers. I was curious as to why so many people were talking about it, so I decided to check it out.

The Netflix pickup from Great Britain features a not-so-famous actress as one of the lead characters. The cheesey storyline follows the life of Elle Evans (Joey King), a high school girl who secretly falls in love with her best friend’s brother, Noah Flynn (Jacob Elordi).

To help their dance group at school raise money, Elle and her best friend Lee decide to host a kissing booth at the school carnival. Elle ends up kissing Noah, waking an intense and mutual feeling between the two of them. Scared of losing her friendship with Lee, Elle decides to hide her relationship with Noah until she is ready to tell Lee that she broke one of their friendship rules of not dating a friend’s relative.

The plot is obvious from the beginning. Elle and Noah will begin dating, Lee will get mad at some point but they will all end up happily ever after. It’s such a cliché storyline that I knew in the first 10 minutes how the story would end.

I watched it all the way through anyway just to see if the movie would surprise me. But, no, it did not. The movie was exactly what I expected it to be. The only surprise was that it wasn’t produced by Disney! I could even envision my 15-years-old self watching, crying and enjoying this corny movie.

I don’t know the age of the people who are obsessing over this movie, but I guess I can understand how, in a world full of negative news, it’s nice to watch a cute love story despite how predicable it might be.

What young woman hasn’t dreamed about meeting the perfect rich guy and living out a romantic and secret love story? I confess that, even though this is not the kind of movie I usually watch, it kept my attention throughout. This is why Netflix has grown and become so successful with productions presented on their online platform.

“The Kissing Booth” is probably targeted for teenagers, but for young adults who love romance and don’t mind some clichés, it’s a good movie to watch and kill the boredom of a long, hot summer.

Grade: B-