It’s ‘Pure Imagination’ at the Sweet Tooth Hotel

Summertime is here and a pop-up art museum called Sweet Tooth Hotel has some sweet and interesting exhibits to discover. Not just fine art paintings, but also sculptures and fascinating art installations.

The place looks like a hotel but it is actually a temporary art museum. It is located at Victory Park near Olivella’s Pizza and Buzzbrews. General admission tickets are $20 and a keyholder’s pass is $40.

The museum features five sweet-themed rooms, including donuts, macarons and cereals, plus a hotel bedroom with a refrigerator that leads to the amazing teddy bear surprise room. The museum also has a gift shop with postcards, sculptures, art prints, phone cases, leather bags and more for sale.

According to the website, the museum concept was the idea of husband-and-wife team Cole and Jencey Keeton. Each room is created by Built by Bender, a design and fabrication shop whose roster includes a variety of clients from Legacy Hall to the City of Plano.

From my perspective, the museum is extraordinary. It’s like a personal “Willy Wonka” experience with sweets and sugary treats floating around the exhibits. The sad news is none of the treats are edible. Like the staff said, “This is art, not food.”

The pop-up museum was originally scheduled to run through June 30. The run has been extended through the end of August due to demand. So if you really want to go, now is time to buy your tickets before they sell out. The museum is located at 2316 Victory Park Land, Dallas, TX 75219. It’s open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tickets are available online only at All sales are final and transferring to other days is not permitted.