New bus routes for Richland

More DART buses have been stopping around Richland College over the past few weeks. This is all part of a major series of changes implemented by DART that took effect on March 26 and are largely due to the growing demands of ridership.

Approximately 20,000 students attend Richland and many of them rely on public transportation.

“There have been complaints about not enough bus service at Richland College,” said Tony Craig, a DART customer service representative.

Improved bus service and less waiting at bus stops are the result of these complaints. These changes, along with the addition of two new bus routes, have had a significant impact around campus. Route 84 is one of the new routes that offers service in parking lot A from Richland to Mockingbird Station ending at the East Transit Center in downtown Dallas. Route 585 is the other new bus route that provides service from the Forest Lane Station to the LBJ Central Station and ends at the Arapaho Center Station. This route stops along the college’s northwest  entrance on Walnut Street.

“Negative and positive data is gathered in order to make the service better,” Craig added. He said the board gets together at least twice a year to discuss the accumulated feedback so they can find ways to improve its service, resulting   in the creation of new or improved bus routes and ultimately satisfying its riders. DART selects feedback from riders about the changes and the impact on their trips.

“It [the bus] arrives early around 6 a.m. at LBJ Central Station,” said Judith Ilukwa, an early childhood education major and a frequent bus rider using Route 585.

“We hope more students will ride,” Craig said.

Students with at least six credit hours during fall or spring semesters and students with at least three credit hours during the summer semester are eligible for Go Pass the  free local DART transit pass. For more information on Go Pass, visit