Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

The hardest part of every semester is saying goodbye to those who graduate and move on. This semester has been incredible and I am sad to think that next semester I won’t see some familiar faces working at the newspaper.

The Richland Chronicle staff was great. We worked really hard every week to bring interesting, relevant and important stories to our students and the Richland community. I hope everyone enjoyed the newspaper.

As with any student-run newspaper, we’ve had excellent issues, average issues and we made a few mistakes. Some mistakes we should have caught, yet no one is at fault. We are a team. We are students. We are going to continue to make occasional mistakes as we learn to practice journalism. After all, this is a teaching publication.

I am really proud of the material we brought to Richland students, faculty and staff this semester. I believe that with every semester we continue to grow and meet new challenges.

Richland wouldn’t have a student newspaper without the dedication of our student reporters and their talents.

We try to offer every student who demonstrates an interest in learning about journalism a real-life experience they may otherwise never have.

The Chronicle offers personal feedback, assistance, support and encouragement to every student as they meet new challenges, learn new skills and move beyond their comfort levels.

As a result, we offer new issues almost every Tuesday on campus newsstands, with new and original content. Our goal is not only to make sure the Richland community learns about events on campus but also the opportunities, classes and learning tools the college offers students all year long.

The awards we win at statewide and national contests wouldn’t be possible without our students, faculty, staff and advisers. Our stories wouldn’t be complete without the support of the department heads and professors who dedicate time in their day to meet with student reporters for interviews. So too, I thank our students, staff, advisers and our readers.

The Chronicle staff will miss everyone who has contributed to our paper and we wish success to those who are graduating, closing one chapter in their lives and opening another.

If you are returning to campus next semester, I invite you to come visit our newsroom. We would love to introduce you to journalism and our process of producing a weekly newspaper. If you are interested in being a contributor to the Chronicle, stop by. We are always looking for writers, photographers, designers, illustrators and copy editors.

Have an idea for a story? Send it to us! We won’t be publishing this summer but will return for journalism “boot camp” Aug. 7-9. Our first issue hits the newsstands Tuesday, Aug. 21. Until then, I hope everyone has a great summer! Check our website at www.richlandstudentmedia.com and social media pages @richlandstudentmedia for news all summer.

See you next semester!