Women’s Initiative Network – empowering women to win

The Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) at Richland aims to encourage female Thunderducks to reach for the stars. The program is coordinated by Adrienne Hopkins who has been at Richland since 2016 and works with students in admissions.

“It started as a response to the Male Achievement Program. After it started people realized we needed to have a female version of the same program,” Hopkins said. WIN’s mission is to empower and support female students in creating a strong academic foundation upon which to build lifelong success.

“We want to give the women what they need to be successful, not just at school, but beyond,” Hopkins added. WIN also wants to help familiarize students with the campus so they know where to find everything they need.

Since the launch of the program this spring, there have been talks from guest speakers about time management, personal and professional networking and general professionalism. New friends and connections were made in the process.

Some of the guest speakers included Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first Muslim-American athlete to win an Olympic medal, and Chika Aryiam, a Democratic candidate for Dallas County Criminal District Court No. 7.

Hopkins added that WIN is a diverse group from many different walks of life.

“We have such a large international community.  These are people that came here wanting better lives. I like the idea of being a part of helping them have a better life.”

Hopkins said this fall WIN students will learn about liberalism, conservatism, Libertarian, Green Party and how civic engagement can help them find the political voice that best aligns with their beliefs and ideas. Members will also be encouraged to vote. WIN’s vision is for all women to maximize their potential, lead successful lives, influence their families and participate in local and global communities.

“I’m excited about what’s to come. I’m very passionate about women in general and those in the community who are disenfranchised,” Hopkins said.

WIN meets every other Thursday from 2 to 3 p.m. in El Paso Hall, Room E076. They are also on Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat as RLCWIN. Contact WIN by email at rlcwin@dcccd.edu for more information.