Comic book brings the story to life

I have good news about Marvel’s “The Infinity War.” This 1992 comic book series is very popular in the comic book society. It is also a very popular TV show, video game and multiple movies, including “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite” and “Avengers Assemble.”

Marvel published a lot of different comic books and media variations that reimagined stories about “Infinity War,” which makes me want to read and follow the comic book “The Infinity War (1992) #1-6.” This comic book six-issue series gave me information about the Marvel superheroes teaming up with a supervillian named Thanos to fight a powerful being named The Magus.

The Magus is the evil version of Adam Warlock and wants to destroy the cosmos by using the Infinity Gems. There are five Infinity Gems: Power Gem, Soul Gem, Mind Gem, Time Gem and Space Gem.

“Infinity War Part #1: Chthonic Maneuvers” – Thanos was stalked by his own doppelganger and was in a tough position to resist the evil version of himself. He escaped from an unknown planet by using his space throne. The Magus revealed his evil plan to destroy galaxies and create doppelgangers of superheroes to terrorize planets. After Mr. Fantastic defeated his own doppelganger, he summoned the X-Men, West Coast Avengers, X-Factor, Avengers and Alpha Flight for a meeting at Four Freedoms Plaza. In the first part of the series I liked it when Mr. Fantastic was called for help because I got a chance to see a whole lot of superheroes working together as an army to save the universe from the Magus and the doppelgangers.

“Infinity War Part #2: Ethereal Revisionism” – The superhero teams met with Mr. Fantastic at Four Freedoms Plaza. Thanos and the Infinity Watch teleported into Mistress Death’s palace and consulted the Infinity. The backstory of Adam Warlock was revealed as a controller of the Infinity Gauntlet and the bad side of himself split off and was revealed as the Magus. The Magus discovered five alternative universes and took the Infinity Gems from them. It appeared that the Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man doppelgangers tricked the superheroes and started a battle with them. My favorite part about this comic book was where the Magus stole the Infinity Gems from these five alternate universes because it showed him how powerful he could be with the Infinity Gems. Another favorite part in this comic book was where it

showed Adam Warlock creating the Magus by wielding the Infinity Gauntlet because it was able to show how the Magus entered this fictional world in the first place.

“Infinity War Part #3: Nefarious Rhapsodies” -- Invisible Woman used her force fields to save the superheroes from a Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man gamma explosion. The Magus and Thanos doppelgangers teleported into the Four Freedoms Plaza and escaped with the doppelgangers of Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man. In outer space, the Magus and Thanos doppelgangers monitored the Earth’s superheroes and watched as the Living Tribunal confronted Eternity as they decided to send an army of doppelgangers to attack Earth’s mightiest Greatest Heroes. Another fun fact about this comic book was where the doppelgangers attacked their creators at the Four Freedom Plaza because I loved seeing a battle between superheroes and the evil version of themselves. Also, I loved it when Invisible Woman saved the superheroes’ lives from Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man’s booby trap because it shows her how powerful she is and she most likely got some of her power from Wolverine and Daredevil.

“Infinity War Part #4: Mortiferous Artifice” - The superheroes battled an army of doppelgangers at Four Freedoms Plaza while the superheroes formed a brutal force to battle Thanos and the Infinity Watch. Galactus entered their battle and froze everyone with his power of Cosmic and brought them aboard his ship. Galactus fired an Ion beam to destroy the remaining doppelgangers at the Four Freedoms Plaza who were trying to fight the superheroes earlier in the comic book. Warlock and Thanos convened the members of the Infinity Watch to protect the Infinity gauntlet. They also learned that the Infinity Gems were powerless when they were not together. Galactus discovered that Earth and its moon made a duplication of itself in the galaxy. Finally, the Magus and Thanos doppelgangers kidnapped Warlock and took the Infinity Gauntlet with them.

“Infinity War Part 5: Psychomachia!"--“I admit, there is a touch of insanity to my machinations,” a statement from the Magus proclaimed. Quasar wielded a powerful weapon called the Ultimate Nullifier to attack Magus or any other doppelgangers. At the Magus’ Fortress, my favorite supervillain, Doctor Doom, and Kang attacked the Magus and Thanos’ doppelganger to prevent them from inserting the Infinity Gems into the Infinity Gauntlet. Doctor Doom betrayed Kang and blasted him while the Magus tried to reach for the Cosmic Containment Units before Quasar blasted him away with the Ultimate Nullifier. Doctor Doom made the Magus surrender the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos teleported into Magus’ Fortress but was easily confronted by his own doppelganger.

“Infinity War Part #6: The Animus Engagement” – The evil was soundly defeated. The Magus resisted Doctor Doom, inserted the Infinity Gems into the Infinity Gauntlet and took possession of the weapon to destroy the universe. Magus snapped his fingers and made the doppelgangers disappear. He intended to use the Infinity Gauntlet to erase Adam Warlock. Warlock was able to free himself from the Infinity Gauntlet’s destruction and fight his powerful doppelganger who wanted to destroy the universe. Warlock merged Eternity and Infinity inside his body to stop the Magus. He used them to trap the Magus inside the Soul gem. After Thanos had been rejected from Mistress Death, he wanted to battle the superheroes one day and achieve his love affection for Mistress Death.

I will give this comic book series an A+ because I was able to learn the truth about “The Infinity War.” For example, I thought Thanos was the first user to control the Infinity Gauntlet throughout this whole time, but it turns out he was the second user of the Infinity Gauntlet. After reading this six-issue comic books series, it was really the Magus who was the first user to control the Infinity Gauntlet. I loved it when Thanos met Mistress Death for the first time at her palace because she is one of the many reasons Thanos is a bad guy in the first place. She knew he already liked him so that’s why she had to reject his affection because Thanos was a typical coward who wanted to destroy his family and the universe just to build a romantic relationship for Mistress Death. I wish the “Avengers: Infinity War” movie followed this comic book, but I forgot that Marvel Studios did not add the Fantastic Four or the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Grade A+