Top five underrated movies

1) “Mystery Men” (1999) This fun 90’s comedy is a precursor to the all regular people wanting to be superheroes genre set in Champion City where a motley crew of people use their “gifts” to fight crime. Leading the group is Mr. Furious (a hilarious Ben Stiller), The Shoveler (a straight faced William H. Macy) and Blue Raja (a delightful Hank Azaria). Geoffrey Rush makes the perfect villain named Casanova Frankenstein. Grade: A

2) “Galaxy Quest” (1999) Members of a dying alien race mistake Star Trek-like actors to be the heroes they portray and have to fight an enemy alien race. Makes for a hilarious movie starring Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver. The late Alan Rickman is priceless along with Sam Rockwell. Grade: A+

3) “Bad Taste” (1987) Long before he brought the Middle Earth saga to the big screen, Peter Jackson debuted with this comedy-gore fest that would rival Sam Raimi and Edgar Wright. An alien race lands in New Zealand with hopes of serving the human race in their intergalactic restaurant when a rag-tag group of government agents are sent in to stop them. Blood and guts fly along with the laughs. Grade: B+

4) “Push” (2009) This is a film that looked to be the start of an awesome franchise that never was. Pre-Captain America Chris Evans leads a small group of super beings against a government agency bent on studying their abilities. Grade: A-

5) “The Emperor’s New Groove” (2000) This may truly be Disney’s most undervalued film. Not based on a fairy tale, the dialogue is the wittiest of Disney’s scripts featuring a first-rate voice cast with David Spade (at his smart-aleck best) as Emperor Kuzco, the always-great John Goodman as his friend Pacha, Eartha Kitt (so delightful) as the scheming advisor Yzma and Patrick Warburton (an absolute scene stealer) as the not-too-smart sidekick Kronk. Grade: A+