Guyger indicted for Botham Jean murder

A Dallas County grand jury indicted former Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger, 30, for the murder of 26 year-old Botham Jean on Sept. 6. The murder indictment was announced by Dallas County district attorney Faith Johnson during a press conference at the Frank Crowley Court House on Nov. 30.

Guyger claimed she killed Jean in his own apartment after mistaking him for an intruder inside her residence. She told investigators that, after finishing a 15-hour shift, she arrived to what she thought was her apartment and found the door ajar. She opened it to find a figure standing in the darkness. According to Guyger, after the person ignored her commands, she pulled her gun and fired twice killing Jean. He lived in the apartment directly above her.

Following the fatal incident, Guyger was terminated. Initially, the Texas Rangers investigated and recommended a charge of manslaughter. After that recommendation, Johnson informed the public of the possibility that more serious charges could be initiated by a grand jury and said her office would present as much evidence as possible to help the grand jury make a decision.

“We presented the evidence and we explained the law. The district attorney’s office made sure its investigative efforts were thorough so we would know all the pieces of evidence we need to take before the grand jury,” Johnson said.

Members of Jean’s family spoke to reporters following the district attorney’s news conference. His mother said she believed the killing was intentional.

“I truly believe that she inflicted tremendous evil on my son,” Allison Jean said. “I look forward to the next step, which is a conviction of murder of Amber Guyger and more so, of a penalty, the proper penalty, that will cause her to reflect on what she has done and the pain that she has caused, not only my son, but my family, my church, my country.”

According to The Associated Press, Jean’s killing received national news attention on the issue of law enforcement and race. Johnson said it could be at least a year before the case goes to court.