Fire victim fundraiser

The Multicultural Center at Richland is collecting donations to help a student who lost all of her possessions in a fire at the Cambridge Park Condominiums on Nov 27. Three Dallas firefighters were injured fighting the blaze that destroyed the homes of dozens.

Jana Miller is program service coordinator with the Multicultural Center. She and her colleagues set up a collection box to accept donations for the student.

“This particular student is an international student here on F1 Visa. Her whole family is all at home so she luckily has an aunt and cousin that she lives with but other than that she’s by herself. So we had to step up and do something,” Miller said.

The Multicultural Center is accepting woman and men’s clothing, personal hygiene products, household items and gift cards. The student, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has responded gratefully.

Donations can be made at the Multicultural Center, in Thunderduck Hall, Room T-150, as the student and her family begin the process of rebuilding their lives.