The devil made him do it

Who is that guy in the red suit beating up bad guys in the streets of Hell’s Kitchen? Daredevil (Charlie Cox) Who is that evil guy in an all-white tuxedo controlling the FBI and building himself a criminal empire in the city of New York? Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio). Who is that psychopathic guy with enhanced marksmanship dressed up as the Imposter? Daredevil, and he’s killing anyone with various bladed materials? Bullseye (Colin Farrell)!

“Daredevil,” Season 3, brought a lot of action and drama to the Netflix television series. If you are one of the big-time fans of Rated R martial art movies and television shows filled with bloodthirsty action scenes, “Daredevil” is the right TV show for you. After all, it is one of the greatest Marvel TV Shows to watch on Netflix.

Daredevil (Charlie Cox) defeats two bad guys in “Daredevil,” Season 3.

Daredevil (Charlie Cox) defeats two bad guys in “Daredevil,” Season 3.

Unlike “Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage” and the “Iron Fist,” “Daredevil” is the show everybody is waiting for on Netflix.

Spoiler alert: Here’s a summary of Season 3: It begins with Daredevil waking up by a nun, who appears to be his biological mother, Sister Maggie, played by Joanne Whalley. Or, you might refer to her as Margaret Grace “Maggie” Murdock in a Catholic Church. Daredevil was so messed up from “Marvel’s the Defenders” that he lost his enhanced senses and hearing to locate his enemies or even himself because Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) is blind.

After the Daredevil regains his powers from a heroic street fight, Wilson Grant Fisk aka The Kingpin is able to make a deal and blackmail FBI agent Rahul “Ray” Nadeem (Jay Ali) to get him out of prison and put him in a penthouse so the FBI can keep an eye on him.

I like how Benjamin Poindexter, Bullseye, saves The Kingpin’s life from the Albanians during the transfer to the Penthouse. What’s so special about Bullseye is his enhanced marksmanship. He can’t miss his target. The only person he can’t shake is Daredevil.

When I saw Bullseye dressing up as the Imposter Daredevil in the trailer, I already knew it was him because of his marksmanship. The way Bullseye killed the bulletin people was deadly and bloody because he uses office tools as his throwing weapons.

I loved the part when he was fighting Daredevil because Daredevil was having a hard time dodging his attacks, but I love when Bullseye uses a baseball and throws it at the wall so it can bounce off and hit Daredevil’s skull. What I don’t like is that Marvel should at least give Bullseye his own costume.

Finally, the ending. It was so amazing when Kingpin fought Daredevil and Bullseye at the same time while he had to protect his wife Vanessa Fisk (Ayelet Zurer). The reason Bullseye betrays Kingpin is because he discovered that Kingpin assassinated Julie (Holly Cinnamon), who is his potential girlfriend.

The final showdown was more like a memorial for Season 3. If you are looking for a TV show to watch on Netflix, “Daredevil” is your best option. But watch out, because the devil is coming!