A Fan-Tastic Expo

Fan Days is an annual comic book, science fiction, horror, anime and gaming convention. Packed full of artists and celebrities of all kinds, it was a true fantasia of fun. Dallas Fan Days took place Oct. 19-21 at the Irving Convention Center. There were creative designs, amazing costumes and people too. It was everything a fan could expect and more.

Merchant Abe Kessler explains, ““I’m the owner of E. Ville Labs and we do custom toys for special events. We do a lot of shows, a lot of comic book shows, a lot of special events. It has been a great show.”

There were so many varied booths and vendors. The ‘Dragonball Z’ booth showcased the comic book series and a starting card deck. Another rave fave was the sound-automated clothing and headgear. Many booths held specialty equipment for Live Action Role Playing (L.A.R.P.) and cosplay costumes. Local artists came to show their wares and talk with costume enthusiasts.

The second level of the convention was filled with a number of amazing booths including “Dr. Who” paraphernalia, cosplay for hire, speed dating and even a portable escape room. With so many interesting things to see, it should be no surprise that people come from all over the country to experience Fan Days.

Delaney Anderson, owner of Escape Rooms, said “We have the wonderful job [of hopping] around the country and [putting up] portable escape rooms up in conventions.”

Not long after traversing past the booths, a young lady named Kayla was cosplaying as Bill Cypher from the TV series “Gravity Falls.” She seemed to be having the time of her life.

“I love costuming and a friend of mine was like ‘Hey! Want to go to comic-con together?’ As you can see I don’t have [that] friend with me at the moment. She dropped out but, that’s what brought me here. I’m a huge nerd. I love costumes. I’ve been into cosplaying, and I’ve been friends with cosplayers since I was like 11. I’m just really hoping I can just go around and meet cosplayers and just really enjoy myself,” she said.

The top floor of the convention space was the crown of the convention. Arthur Darvill of the TV series “Legends of Tomorrow” and “Dr. Who” gave a presentation. Special guest and a creator of the “Dragonball Z” video game enterprise signed autographs and took photos with fans. Artist David Angelo Roman designed and

autographed items from another fan favorite, “Rick and Morty.” The booth featured a stylish a black-ricked fence with stars shining at the top.

The next Dallas Fan Days promises to be bigger and better. It is expected to be held at the Dallas Convention Center in the spring of 2019.