Richland food pantry requests donations

The Office of Student Life (OSL) has organized a food pantry where students and staff can get free food. You read that right, free food. If you haven’t noticed the flyers around campus, this is notice for students who may not have money to buy food or may have forgotten to bring lunch. The OSL has got you covered.

Being in college is both financially demanding and time consuming, so many times students disregard their need for food and go hungry. With the development of the food pantry, students can save time and money by just walking down to El Paso Hall to get some food to take home or even eat at school. The OSL organized the pantry to ensure that members of the Richland community do not go hungry. There are various food options like noodles, sauces, crackers and more. There is also the North Texas Food Bank’s mobile pantry that comes twice a month with fresh food and vegetables.

The food pantry, for the time being, is based solely on donations, but organizers hope to be able to buy from the North Texas Food Bank very soon once the paperwork is finalized. The OSL encourages everyone to donate whatever they can to support the food pantry. They suggest that employees buy at least one thing to donate to the food pantry when they get paid and also encourage students who have food to spare at home to donate.

Louise Rogers Keim, the administrative assistant at OSL, said, “We have been asking, greatly suggesting [to] some of the clubs that normally do food drives, that instead of donating to the North Texas Food Bank, to please donate it to Richland College.”

They ask that you do not donate cash because they are not allowed to accept cash but all food donations will be accepted. They also accept toiletries and can openers because with all the canned food available, students will need something to open them. Do not donate clothes, though. The Career Center accepts clothing donations.

“The Career Center accepts donations of business-type wear to help students and/or staff that need good clothes to wear to an interview or if you just get a job and you don’t have the wardrobe you might need, then they can always go to the Career Center for that,” Keim said. For now, they have a sufficient stock but more donations are always appreciated.

Any donation should be taken to the Office of Student Life in El Paso Hall, Room E040, where it can be processed and placed into the food pantry.

There are flyers all over school that display the information needed and their social media addresses where they can be contacted. The flyers have information about items that can be donated like snack crackers, granola and cereal bars, instant oatmeal and other packaged food other than canned food as long as they are not expired. Keim can be reached by email at or using other contact information listed on the flyer.

All donations are appreciated, according to Keim.

“If it’s something you would appreciate having, it’s probably something the person in need would appreciate having,” she said.