T-Duck volleyball team hits a speed bump

The volleyball team is trying to hold their own in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) as they experienced their fourth consecutive loss.

On Sept. 26, Richland played North Lake college. The T-Ducks lost the first two sets, but came back strong in the third set. It wasn’t enough though. North Lake sealed their victory with a win the fourth set.

On Sept. 24, Richland lost to Eastfield College in three straight sets and this loss became the norm. The Thunderducks have suffered losses before, but usually after a hard fight.

Richland’s wrestling program competes in the National Collegiate Wrestling Association.

Richland’s wrestling program competes in the National Collegiate Wrestling Association.

The convincing way that Eastfield won over Richland caused unrest among the spectators who were expecting a turnaround. Eastfield was dominant from the start and consistent throughout the game. Richland fought tooth and nail, but Eastfield came out the winner.

“I believe all teams at the college level are equal and so Richland played hard but Eastfield played harder and that’s why they won,” said Zelda Smith, Richland volleyball coach at Richland. The T-Ducks experienced good play on the court even when they were beaten before by their competition, but recently they have a slump. This uneven play might be due to several reasons.

“I think Eastfield was a better team this time. I noticed they [Richland] were doing the same plays and rotation so I think they should work on their strategy,” said Javiera Pinochet, a Richland student who was a spectator at the game.

Richland’s losses have been attributed by the team to the loss of certain key players due to unforeseen circumstances.

We’re going to try and hold our own on our next game because we just lost one of our players because she sustained an injury,” said Smith. “The girls have learned from their mistakes and are ready for their next game.”

The Thunderducks attempted to bounce back after they lost their first set to Eastfield but unfortunately the tone was already set for the rest of the game. After the loss of the second set, Richland seemed determined to fight back but as the third set went on and Eastfield was still dominating, they seemed to lose hope.

Eastfield won the third and final set by a score of 25-14.