Cowboys vs Seahawks: game recap

As a fan of the Cowboys, growing up in the shadows of Texas Stadium in Irving, you develop a short tolerance for losing. Winning is something to enjoy. The growing pains to get to the professional level of success does not come easy.

Ezekiel Elliott rushed for 127 yards and a touchdown in the Sept. 23 game against the Seattle Seahawks. His longest run ended up in disaster for the Cowboys when he fumbled deep in Seahawks territory.

“Our defense started out really great, and we had them on the field to long and they got worn down. We’ve got to do better than that,” Elliot said in published reports.

That being said, the offensive woes of under producing in the passing game were exposed again against the Seahawks. The 168 yards quarterback Dak Prescott threw was not close to being enough. Most came in the fourth quarter in an attempt to rally. Just to put it in perspective, the longest play was to tight end Geoff Swaim for 20 yards.

Coach Jason Garrett told The Associated Press, “We did not do a good enough job of staying ahead in the chains, controlling the line of scrimmage in the passing game like we would have wanted to. We did a better job of rallying at the end but certainly not good enough.”

As for quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense, they had no issues. They had plenty of time to make things happen with what the Cowboys defense gave them. Only being sacked twice all game mostly because of their effective run game, Wilson made smart, effective throws to get ahead of the Cowboys with ease and lead them to victory.

The last 11 games throwing for under 200 yards is not a trend the Cowboy’s front office wants to continue. Could that become a reason for Prescott’s exit? That’s not what we want. I am a true fan of his and know we are at a turning point. It is early in the season though. Dak is looking forward to a contract extension for the long term as the leader of this potentially great football team. A few games of more than just winning are going to be necessary to get a contract in excess of a year or two deal because of the lack of production compared to the amazing rookie campaign he was able to put together in 2016.

The days of watching Troy Aikman grow to be a three-time Super Bowl champion are over. We still believe and hope Prescott has enough left in the tank to blossom and grow in the NFL with Dallas. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told The Associated Press, “I do think we have the talent and I do think that we have the coaching that can get us on the right track offensively, I’m sure.”

Prescott doesn’t deserve a big payday from the Cowboys for what he has delivered so far. Is it really worth it to invest in just one player when the other pieces needed to complete a championship roster are missing? That hasn’t happened since 1995. For the Cowboys to get even close to that level of success they are going to have to be very careful about who they bring in to the organization and who they let go.

Seattle star Earl Thomas had two interceptions against the Cowboys, including one with 3:09 remaining at the Seattle 15. That was on a deflected pass with Thomas bowing to the Dallas sideline at the end of the play. It was definitely Thomas’ way of acknowledging the Cowboys should have done more to acquire him from the Seahawks after the All-Pro made it crystal clear he wanted out of Seattle.