New Brazos coordinator Coldewey takes the reins

Richland’s new gallery coordinator, Charles Coldewey, presented a collection of drawings and paintings by Veronica Jaeger in the first exhibit in the Brazos Gallery under his rein. Coldewey has been at Richland since 2013 as an adjunct professor teaching design, 3D design and advanced sculpture. This is his first semester as gallery coordinator.

Coldewey will still teach and said he is “looking forward to working with his new students in 3D and “wants to encourage students to be creative and connect with their creativity,”

A painting from Victoria Jaeger’s “Dreams of Reality” exhibit.

A painting from Victoria Jaeger’s “Dreams of Reality” exhibit.

Coldewey offered advice to students who are having trouble finding their path.  “Just take a few classes and if it resonates and you like it then you’re going the right way and if it doesn’t feel good or feel right or you don’t have any interest then that’s not the direction you want to go,” he said. Coldewey is also learning the traditions at Richland and hopes to continue the gallery’s mission to “focus on education.”

Before he started at Richland, Coldewey helped coordinate exhibits and installations at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and created art on his own. Later, he taught art and design at Tarrant County College in Fort Worth before arriving at Richland.

Students interested in having their artwork displayed can look forward to the student gallery that will open in the spring. Richland students can apply to exhibit their work, but it must be submitted and approved by a jury to be selected for presentation. Any form of visual art can be submitted such as paintings, photographs and sculptures.

In the meantime, Coldewey attends art museums, gallery exhibits and engages with the art world in order to find new artists’ work to display.

“One thing wonderful about art is that no matter what we put in there you’re going to have people liking and disliking it and that, for me, is a strong part because art resonates through everyone and everyone has their own opinions. They know what they like, but the object here is to educate students and show varieties of styles, techniques, and just to open their eyes to new experiences, such as the current exhibit ‘Dreams of Reality’ by Veronica Jaeger,” he said.

Jaeger is an adjunct faculty professor at the University of Texas at Austin. She has approached her work in a “surreal” way and “feels the world is really in chaos, topsy-turvy and upside down.” She said that is what she resonates to. Instead of doing portraiture, she’ll attach weird things to the faces; she’ll open them up or leave them empty.

Coldewey said he “loved her color palette and her presentation and her subject matter.” The exhibit “Dreams of Reality” is on view in the Brazos Gallery through Feb. 16.