Subway reopens with new variety of food offerings

The new, improved Subway and its new addition surprised Richland students returning for the spring semester. A recent addition to the Subway chain, Mama DeLuca’s, offers a different selection of food from the traditional sandwiches.

The pasta, bread sticks, boneless chicken wings and different pizzas Mama DeLuca offers add a little Italian flavor for Subway customers.

Subway was founded by Fred DeLuca in partnership with Peter Buck, who loaned him $1,000 to open his first sandwich store to help him pay for college.

Designed by Brand Manager Tim Price, Mama DeLuca’s has been around for about 10 years. Price said it started as a franchise but they made a few changes to adapt to employees’ and customers’ taste.

“We changed our operation to be just like Subway in the sense that we use the same equipment, same speed ovens,” said Price. The pizza that used to take 10 to 15 minutes to prepare received a new recipe that can be cooked in just two minutes.

tudents line up to order sandwiches at the recently renovated Subway on Jan. 17. 

tudents line up to order sandwiches at the recently renovated Subway on Jan. 17. 

Richland is the first “real college” to have both Subway and Mama DeLuca on its campus, Price said.

“We are very excited to be here. In fact, it’s not only Richland but all the community colleges, Eastfield, Brookhaven, and others will be going to be doing those [renovations] this summer.”

Mama DeLuca’s is not the only innovation for Richland students. Subway was under renovation since the end of last semester. Chief Operating Officer David Peugh said that the renovations were important to make Subway more “millennial friendly.”

“The restaurant of the future is Subway; [it] is moving forward. They want to bring things more modern; a cleaner look as you can tell with digital displays and things like that,” said Peugh. The new layout of Subway was designed to facilitate the faster production of sandwiches and shorten lines.

“I think it is a lot cleaner, a lot brighter, it’s kind of not the same old Subway. It still has the fantastic sandwiches that are healthy for you but the look is different.”

Peugh said the renovation was encouraged by the District and Richland. “The school district was very vocal about wanting something special for the students. They wanted something that was not your typical Subway. They wanted to upgrade.”

Students have been the main reason the school insisted on bringing changes to the food options.

“They have always been very pro students in the sense of wanting a lot of variety and the good options with various prices points, making sure it’s affordable.” The prices continue to be affordable for students and Mama DeLuca’s offers items than can be shared between friends.

“You have different levels. You have things very affordable… and then we have some things a little bit more expensive but the quality, the flavor profiles, just the sheer size. We have a 14-inch pizza that you can get and take it home or share with friends so, pretty good options I think right now.”

Rosetta Carver and Marquyse Smith, both students, were surprised by the renovation and are satisfied with the prices.

“I think from what we got [the price] was fair, we got 25 bucks worth of food and that was breadsticks, pizza, two drinks and a large portion of wings, so, yeah, that was fair I think,” said Carver.

Carver said she wasn’t a big fan of Subway but she and her friend approved of the pepperoni pizza and other options on the menu.

“He loves the wings! He loves those wings and I really like the pizza, so we are going to eat a lot more here,” said Carver.