Free movies at two Richland film series

Students on a budget can enjoy a variety of captivating films about culture and history at two campus film events, and it’s all free! The Journalism Film Series screens at 12:00 noon every other Wed. in the television studio (E015). The international Film Series screens at 1:30 p.m. in Wichita Hall, Room 259.

On Sept. 13 Richland Student Media launched their Journalism Film Series, which is new this year. The series debuted with a screening of “The Paper.” On Sept. 27, students, faculty and staff can see “The Year of Living Dangerously,” starring Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver.

Ricky Miller, entertainment editor for the Richland Chronicle and host of the Journalism Film Series invites everyone to come out and enjoy some great films about lives and adventures of journalists and international correspondents.

Entertainment Editor Ricky Miller introduces 'The Paper' on Sept. 13.

Entertainment Editor Ricky Miller introduces 'The Paper' on Sept. 13.

The International Film Series has been held at Richland for the past five years. Lisa Katzenstein, instructional specialist in the language center said, “The overall goal of the film series is to promote cultural awareness on campus and help ESOL speakers get better at reading English.”

Although the films don’t have a particular theme, all feature historical events from the perspective of people in the culture. The films will all be presented in different languages with English subtitles so everyone can enjoy them.

Each film will be introduced by moderators including Melissa Gresham, Serge Schragin, Alex Topete and Rubin Safaya. The moderators will introduce each movie and explain how it personally relates to them.

The dates of the International film series are Sep 20, Oct. 4, Oct 11, Nov 8 and Nov 29. All will be shown at 1:30 in room WH259.