Recording studio comes to Fannin Hall

Changes are underway within the music department.  A new recording facility is on the way! It will include a live recording studio, control room and a recording arts lab under the direction of professor Omar Surillo.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity of exposing students to equipment and experiences that they’re going to run into within the music industry,” said Surillo.  “Not only are we amassing a large collection of professional recording equipment, we’re also providing experience and opportunities to work together as a team to achieve a final product.  I feel it is essential to acquire these skills if they [the students] want to be successful in the music industry.”

Surillo predicts the new studio will be completed by the fall of 2018.  The new equipment includes a Solid State Logic (SSL) console, high-end preamps, microphones, recording interfaces, electric guitars, synthesizers and MIDI controllers.

Professor Omar Surillo will oversee renovated recording facilites at Richland. 

Professor Omar Surillo will oversee renovated recording facilites at Richland. 

The new console has 24 inputs and can accommodate up to two dozen musicians recording separate tracks simultaneously.       

Surillo said for more than 30 years SSL has become one of the most important brands in high-end mixing consoles.  Popular artists and groups who use SSL consoles include Nine Inch Nails, Peter Gabriel, Pearl Jam, Whitney Houston, Dr. Dre and Sting. It is a huge asset for major movie productions including “Lord of the Rings,” “Toy Story,” “The Terminator” and “Star Wars.”

Surillo credits Dr. Kay Eggleston, Richland president, former Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Success Dr. Zarina Blankenbaker, Dean Diane Hilbert and Music Department Chair Derrick Logozzo for their contributions in purchasing the necessary recording equipment and instruments for the new studio.

The expansion will further enhance the music recording class curriculum. The recording arts lab has computers with digital software that includes Pro Tools and Ableton Live Suite.

Surillo has put together a new curriculum commencing this fall. “We are offering a three-course one-semester music industry series via our continuing education/workforce training program.  Students are able to take Live Sound 1, Audio Recording 1 and Music Industry as part of the Music Industry Series.”

In addition to continuing education classes, Surillo is teaching credit courses, including Music Theory 1 and 3, Sight Singing and Ear Training 1 and 3, and applied half-hour and one hour private piano and guitar lessons. He encourages new students to join the music department program.

“We have 20 different types of performing ensembles that are open to musicians of all levels,” he said.

Questions about the music program at Richland can be directed to Derrick Logozzo, instrumental music department, Melissa Logan, vocal department and Surillo in the music and recording industry department.

“Come check us out,” Surillo said.

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