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T-Ducks just warming up

Soccer season still fresh and the national champion Thunderducks poured in another win. Richland’s defense kept Murray State scoreless throughout. Only two shots by Murray State which resulted in two saves by Richland.  Erwin Regules shoots a goal in the first half and Chris Espinoza added one in the second as Richland goes to 2-0 defeating Murray State, 2-0.

MLB’S family feud

As the Rangers-Astros feud continues, Major League Baseball’s longtime rivalry is back in the news. The Boston Red Sox have gone crooked by using electronic communication to steal signs from the New York Yankees. Although the league doesn’t have a rule against sign-stealing, which they should, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred says it is illegal to use to use electronic devices in the dugout.

The Red Sox got caught red handed when Yankees general manager Brian Cashman presented a video in which a Red Sox trainer looked at his Apple Watch and then relayed the information back to the Boston players. ESPN.com stated that the Red Sox filed their complaint, alleging that the Yankees use a camera from their flagship regional cable TV sports channel YES Network exclusively for stealing signs. It’s unclear whether that is true or not, you never know when it comes to the Yankees.

The league’s integrity hasn’t been stable especially when you continue to have players failing drug test and now teams using technology to get an edge. No respect for the game whatsoever. So basically, no one really cares about this sign-stealing mess. Yes, the technology side was too much but what else is new?

Kickoff with blowouts

College football has begun with major blowouts from east to west. Twelve of the NCAA’s top 25 scored an average of 55 points. Five of the them won by more than 40 points. What a great week that was!!! The TCU Horned Frogs are not in the Top 25 but in Fort Worth they pacified the living crap out of Jackson State, 63-0. More like a massacre than a meeting. TCU quarterback Kenny Hill threw 18 for 23 completions, 206 yards and four touchdowns. When you play against cellar teams, that’s what you should expect. TCU’s win has bumped themselves up to the Top 25.

Another unranked team had a great Saturday night. The Oregon Ducks not only put on a fashion show as they always do with their uniforms but they tortured Southern Utah, 77-21. Oregon’s Tony Brooks-James began the season with a game-opening 100-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. See, that’s what happens when you dress for success. Oregon is famous for their colorful uniforms much less producing winning teams.

No grant for Zeke

North Texans will get to see Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott in week 1 against the Giants. Terribly, Zeke’s six game suspension by the NFL has been upheld and will miss the first half of the season. Not to worry. When Tom Brady was suspended, nothing changed. Came back and led the New England Patriots to another Super Bowl title. No one really likes the system that the NFL ususally carries. Most players who aren’t good get off easy. What the NFL especially the Cowboys need is to hire counselors. If they do that then sky’s the limit. We’ll be able to see better more mautred players. Zeke is human, he’s defintely not the first to screw up but he’s still young and has lots of time to improve.