Award-winning professor has his own style

Sometimes the inconceivable can become reality.

Geoffrey Manzi is a professor of philosophy and is a part of the Honors Academy. Manzi won the Excellence in Teaching award for adjuncts by inspiring students to engage in and share their curiosity.  Every day he has a goal in mind to inspire students to pursue a major life passion.

Manzi shared his thoughts about winning the award.

“Just being nominated for it was in itself the greatest honor of my career,” Manzi said. “And so to win it is just inconceivable because I care so much about teaching and inspiring students.”

Manzi was originally a journalism major as an undergraduate. He took philosophy as a required course for his major and it changed his life.

The influence of his professors and working as a team furthered his understanding of the deeper meaning of life.  He realized teaching was his passion and made it his goal to inspire students to understand that philosophy is relevant in life, relationships and growing up.

Manzi used these techniques to reach his students and to engage in group activities.

Before developing an interest in philosophy, Manzi asked questions aboutthings that most people couldn’t talk about. He wanted to know more than just a simple answer.

Manzi explored the deeper meanings of life and grew interested in knowing more than just a simple answer. He explored relationships that influenced his way of thinking.

“I encourage my students to challenge my teachings and have new perspectives,’’ Manzi said. “I want my students to think with self-awareness to encourage the nature of justice and liberty; happiness and responsibly to separate examples and why it’s still relevant.”

Manzi is currently teaching “Loss of Innocence,” taught in conjunction with English classes and by holding meetings to discuss recent issues and activities through movies and songs to discuss topics that are important to students’ lives.

Manzi says teaching philosophy at Richland is itself a really privileged position. He enjoys working in an environment where he can inspire and encourage students to pursue different opportunities.

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