Club Fair introduces students to new opportunities

The Office of Richland Student Life is hosting a Club Fair from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Aug. 30-31 in the El Paso Lounge. The event was created to get students involved with campus activities and offer a way for clubs and organizations to introduce themselves and recruit students.

Student Life Program coordinator Kristi Nealy has advocated for this event for the past two years.

“This event is held at the beginning of every semester,” Nealy said. “We encourage each club or organization to promote, recruit and educate the students about their mission. Also, we are looking to see who’s possibly interested in starting a new club or organization.”

To become an active club or organization, an adviser needs to fill out a petition with the signatures of at least 10 current credit students with a GPA of 2.0 or greater, unless it’s an honors group then the GPA requirement is higher. The club members must also be students at Richland. All participants’ names, identification numbers and student IDs will be checked to make sure each person is a current student.

“If we come across someone who is not a current student, we will contact the person who is organizing the group and they will have to go out and get more students,” said Nealy. “If your goal is to be a one-person organization, this is not allowed because it would be very difficult to become successful.”

Greek organizations are welcome if they are new to the campus, according to Nealy. If the organization is already established on this campus students would have to join the existing chapter. If it’s established on another campus it will be welcome on this campus if students would like to start a new chapter.

“We are open to students who want to start a Greek organization, but they will work closely with us to find out what the regulations are and to make sure all the proper protocols are followed,” Nealy said.

The deadline to receive paperwork for the Fall semester is Sept. 8, so all clubs and organizations can maximize their time.

“We don’t want students turning in the paperwork for a club or organization two weeks before the end of the semester and not have the opportunity for students to participate or have activities on campus,” said Nealy.

“I hope this event will bring awareness to students about the events we have on campus, establish organizations or clubs, add new members, and show students the opportunities we have available.”

The Office of Student Life will provide free food and drinks at the events. Any student who is interested or has a unique idea for a club should contact Nealy at

A list of campus clubs and contact information is available on the website at