Emeritus plus 50 offers new faces, classes

A large group of students over the age of 50 turned out for the Emeritus plus 50 kickoff July 20 in Sabine Hall. They were there to meet instructors and learn about new classes.

“This is a great turnout,” Director Cindy Berry said. “The dean (Gary Hensler) decided to continue the print edition of the class schedule this fall,” Berry added. That announcement drew applause because classes were supposed to only be listed online this fall.

Berry explained the difference between credit and noncredit classes.

“If you are a Dallas resident and you’ve lived in Texas for 12 months and you’re 65 or over, you can take any credit class that Richland College or any college in the Dallas County Community College District offers - up to six hours - for free,” she said. “In the summer, you can take one three-hour course each semester for a total of two six-hour courses.”

“The noncredit courses are easier than credit classes and anyone between the ages of 18 and whatever can take these classes,” Berry said. “Regardless of your age, these noncredit classes do have a cost to them.”

Bill Swan, left, and Fred Fels enjoy a friendly conversation before the Emeritus kickoff.

Bill Swan, left, and Fred Fels enjoy a friendly conversation before the Emeritus kickoff.

Emeritus students can also earn a degree or a certificate by taking credit classes. To do that, a student is required to follow the same admission rules as traditional Richland students.

“You’d have to furnish transcripts from every school you’ve been to,” she said.

Berry went over the website for those who prefer to register online and discussed computer and physical education classes geared for those over 50. She also introduced some of the new instructors who discussed their upcoming classes.

Under Personal Development in the non-credit schedule, Don Wolman is teaching “Great Discoveries,” from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Mondays from Oct. 30 to Nov. 27.  He’ll focus on five famous scientists: Marie Curie, George Washington Carver, Mary Leakey, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein.

Ben Biggs and Paul Weathers are team teaching “Investing 101,” another noncredit course.  Both are licensed financial advisers. They will teach the difference between a stock and a mutual fund, how to read a financial statement plus investing. The class meets from 9 a.m. to noon Sept. 12 and 19.

Another new instructor, David Tyler, will teach “How to Make Your Home Smart.” This noncredit course will help attendees set up their homes with digital devices to control lighting and heating.

The computer and physical education classes are listed under “credit” on the website. They are the only two disciplines designed for Emeritus plus 50 students. All the other classes offered include students of any age.

Physical education professors Bill Neal and Gwen Flood teach two of the most popular classes. Berry said approximately 250 Emeritus students will take part in their classes.

The Emeritus program is also offering four bus trips this semester. For more information and to sign up for any Emeritus class, visit: https://alt.richlandcollege.edu/emeritus/  or call 972-238-6972. The Emeritus office is located in Thunderduck Hall and open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday.