Dark Avenue shines bright

Local rock group Dark Avenue took the stage Aug. 4 in front of an engaged audience at the Curtain Club in Dallas. The club is relatively small but the band’s enormous sound made it feel as if they were playing a much larger venue. The room was dark and the stage was filled with colorful lights that enhanced the performance.

The five-member band gave everything they had to energize the crowd. Mario Candena psyched up the audience with his boisterous vocals while Barry Loberbaum and Andrew Lewthwaite cranked up the guitars. Alan Sauls’ driving bass was relentless and drummer Jeff Hathcock didn't miss a beat.   

In the middle of one of their songs Lewthwaite hopped off stage and went into the crowd showing off his guitar skills as several people took pictures.

The band's set list consisted primarily of songs from the album “Illusions,” including personal favorites “Outside” and “Last to Know.” They performed their latest single “The Light” as well as the George Michael cover “I Want Your Sex.”

There was never a dull moment. The energy was high, the music was terrific and the band captivated the crowd. Dark Avenue has potential to become a major headliner.

The writing is on the wall; they're on their way to the top to join the ranks of A-list rock bands.

If you don't know Dark Avenue, now is the time to get to know them. You can follow them on social media or check their websites at ReverbNation.com and DarkAvenueBand.com.

Grade: A+

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