Skating Summer

With school out for summer, many students are thinking of ways to spend their time off. Camping, traveling, going to the beach and exercising are some of the options. How about going to your local skate park? There are many skate parks in North Texas including Lakeland Hills, McKinney, Alliance and Lone Star Park.

Lakeland Hills Skate Park is a spot for those who are looking for a park that is less crowded. It is the smallest of the four skate parks listed here, but unique. The Lakeland Hills facility includes a half pipe, single and double step ledges and more. The downside of this skate park is that it is not very well lit after dark.

McKinney Skate Park is a spot north of Dallas. It is larger than Lakeland Hills and attracts more people. The park includes ledges, rails, stairs, vertical drops and more. One aspect of this park are its three skating bowls. Each of its three skating bowls has a different shape and height with one deeper than the others. It’s a great place to pop kicks, flips and other stunts. This skate park is well-lit for skating after dark.

Just like McKinney Skate Park, Alliance Skate Park is quite large. It has a professional feel to it and looks like a tournament skate park, although it is open to the public. It is more colorful than the others and caters to those who like half pipes and quarter pipes. The park also has rails, stairs and ledges and is well-lit after dark.

My favorite skate park is the Alliance Skate Park in Grand Prairie near the Lone Star Park horse racing track. Alliance Skate Park is covered and has a variety of features that can be enjoyed whether you’re a beginner or an advanced skater. The park features half pipes, quarter pipes, rails, stairs, ledges and a big bowl. It has good lighting so skaters can enjoy the park at night.

The skate bowl has various heights and depths with many places to drop in and roll. It includes a 10 foot vertical drop for those up for the challenge. Near the entrance are two connected half pipes where skaters can practice their stunts.

Whether skaters prefer small uncrowded parks or one with more features and larger crowds, there are many options in the area that offer creative challenges. Imagination is key. Enjoy shredding at a skate park near you this summer and invent a trick or two (or three) of your own.