A remembrance: ‘Wallace and Gromit’s’ Peter Sallis

The death of Peter Sallis is a sad moment for “Wallace and Gromit” fans who fondly remember the animated series about an inventor and his dog. Sallis portrayed Wallace, the cheese-loving inventor, in four short films including Oscar-winner “The Wrong Trousers” and the full-length feature film “The Curse of the Were-Rabbit” (2005).

I grew up watching these short-film masterpieces and found the first three “Wallace and Gromit” tales fun and intriguing. My favorite character was Gromit, the non-speaking dog that doesn’t even have a visible mouth.

In addition to his voice work, Sallis appeared in the popular BBC television sitcom series “Last of the Summer Wine,” starring as Norman “Cleggy” Clegg. The show ran from 1973 to 2010.

Sallis retired from his role as Wallace in 2011 due to declining health, according to Nick Park, creator of the animated series. His character Wallace presented a gentle personality who was enjoyed by audiences of all ages. As of present, there are no more “Wallace and Gromit” projects coming up, but these classic animated films will live on by offering a kind and gentle place for future generations.

Sallis died with his family by his side in London. He was 96.