Hot Summer Animated Flicks

School is out and summer is just around the corner. For those interested in animated films, here’s a list of what’s coming up this summer.

DreamWorks’s “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie” is based on the books by Dav Pilkey, Pixar’s anticipated sequel, “Cars 3,” another Minion-adventure “Despicable Me 3,” “The Emoji Movie” and “The Nut Job: Nutty by Nature.”

I’m looking forward to “Cars 3” since I am a big Pixar fan. I was hoping this movie would be better than “Cars 2,” the studio’s worst production. This film centers on a veteran racer, Lighting McQueen, who gets into a terrible accident and hopes to get back in the game with the help of his friends and mentor.

If “Cars 3” would make it to the level of “Finding Dory,” then it will take home the Oscar trophy. “Cars 3” is the first film in the series to not include John Lasseter, the director of the previous Cars films, although he will serve as an executive producer. “Cars 3” will feature the voices of several NASCAR racers, including Richard Petty who will appear in cameos. I’m sure this film will be the worth of trip, especially when it plays the drive-in theaters.

Another sequel I’m looking forward to is “Despicable Me 3.” This film follows the adventures of Gru as he meets his twin brother, Dru. The pair teams up to catch the evil criminal and supervillain, Balthazar Bratt. The film will feature “South Park” creator, Trey Parker, as the voice of Balthazar Bratt. The new film brings Minions back to the public’s attention with great action sequences and fascinating stunts the characters pull off in an attempt to save the world. It will certainly be a great treat for Minion fans.

I think these two sequels will face competition from two other animated films; “The Nut Job 2” and “The Emoji Movie.” These will be guilty pleasures for some and prove to be disappointments for others. If you like the “Captain Underpants” book-to-film projects, then you might want to watch these films after reading the books.