Summer is all about the sports

The season’s over. No more Mavs. No more Stars. Thank goodness! Dirk Nowitzki will be back next season and hopefully with a better supporting cast. The Dallas Stars got rid of head coach Lindy Ruff and Ken Hitchcock, the man who coached them to a Stanley Cup, is back in the lead position.

Now on to some baseball. The Texas Rang- ers have begun their 45th season in North Texas. The defending American League West division champions, as usual, are off to a rough start. The only Ranger that’s cookin’ right now is right fielder Nomar Mazara who is batting above .400, including a grand slam to dead center field against Oakland on April 7 to help secure the club’s first win of 2017.

Major League Soccer is fresh as FC Dallas is playing brilliantly early in the season. Speak- ing of soccer, the national champion Richland men’s soccer team will have a ring presenta- tion at 2:30 p.m., Thursday, April 27, in the Brazos Gallery in room C140. RSVP to Kristi Nealy at by Monday, April 24, if you wish to attend to celebrate the team’s national tournament win.

In the NBA, both conferences are locked up with the playoffs right around the corner. In the East, the Boston Celtics always find a way to build a powerful team. The Celt- ics and the Cleveland Cavaliers are neck and neck for the top seed in the East. Meanwhile in the West, the Golden State Warriors have locked in the top seed again followed by the San Antonio Spurs.

The Mavericks will likely finish either 11th or 12th in the West, which would give them a decent shot in the draft lottery. The Minne- sota Timberwolves have unveiled their new logo symbolizing the spirit of Minnesota and I must say IT’S FAN-TASTIC!! So while the T-Wolves are going through a completely new look, the Mavs are still stuck on the same insignia since 2001. Maybe after Nowitzki retires, we’ll see something different.

We’re a long way from the NFL season kickoff but Las Vegas’ dreams have come true. The Raiders will once again leave Oakland in a few years. Bay Area football fans are livid but don’t blame the Raiders. Like San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium, the Oakland Coliseum is run down as well. I can’t wait to see how the attendance will be this season in Oakland. The Raiders may end up leaving after 2017.

Finally, Tony Romo has hung up his cleats. Romo was at the Mavericks final home game participating in everything. From practices to team pictures, being introduced in the starting five and jokingly subbed into the game. A great tribute to the Cowboys’ quarterback. Romo played b-ball in high school and showed his skills against Dirk in practice.

Now Romo will replace Hall of Fame QB Phil Simms as the color commentator with Jim Nantz on the NFL on CBS. Are you seri- ous? That is NOT a good idea. It took Troy Aikman awhile to get situated at FOX and now he’s one of the best. Romo is green and the sports world will absolutely chew him up and spit him out, but what else is new.

Best wishes, Tony. I will keep my “eye” on

CBS Sports.