Speakers urge students to pursue educational and professional goals pt. 2

Have you ever struggled to get or stay motivated? Kevin L. Garner Sr. discussed the topic at Richland on Feb. 21 in his presentation “Focusing on your Focus” as part of the Male Achievement Program (MAP) programming. Garner said staying motivated is key. 

“I stay motivated by basically staying involved in the things that I’m passionate about, as well as having mentors and people around me that sort of hold me accountable.” 

He went on to discuss the “dream killers,”  negative people, places and things that keep people from reaching goals. He recalled being refered to as a boy throughout adolescence. He continued to act like a boy until he changed his mindset. He said mindset is the greatest investment tool. 

A key strategy Garner discussed was what termed “waste management.” “There are distractions that can get you off course. What is obscuring your vision?” 

Garner’s advice to students, “never give up.”

“There are doors that are going to open. You know, there are opportunities that are going to come.” 

Garner’s main passion, however, is to see people maximize their potential. “I love seeing people be happy,” he said. “That’s one of my greatest things I enjoy doing.”