Speakers urge students to pursue educational and professional goals pt. 1

Motivational speaker and former Thunderduck Jonathan J. Jones, appeared at Sabine Hall Feb. 27 to give the speech “Skyrocket Millennials to Success” as part of Black History Month.

Jones is also author of “14 Surprisingly Simple Behaviors to Skyrocket Millennials to Success.”

In his speech, Jones discussed his life as a student and the process he has undertaken to pursue his goals and become a professional.  He said practice is the key.

“Practice is the only thing that makes the difference from a professional and a student,” Jones said. “All of us have the power and the great potential to be great. Don’t allow yourself to be content where you are.” 

Around 50 people attended the event. Some asked questions, including Bruce Kennedy, a development coach and entrepreneur. Kennedy asked about time management.

“You have to have some mental time for yourself,” answered Jones.

Clifton McVea , a Richland student, asked if Jones made sacrifices to pursue his goals.

“A student should have to know what type of learner he is, because we live in a world that seems to be saturated with negativity from the news, the radio, social media and even family and friends,” said Jones. “Therefore, my book not only shows how you can transform your way of thinking but also how you can train your mind to develop a positive frame of reference for the future.”  

Jones realized that preaching about chance would do absolutely nothing if it wasn’t followed by rock-solid action. Thus, he has provided a set of 14 succinct principles including being thankful, positive, respectful, on time, professional, a giver, determined, being yourself, a social butterfly, healthy, faithful, forgiving, being a role model, and finally, being educated. 

Jones said these principles, once implemented, will allow you to be fully equipped for success by harnessing your inner strength and challenging you to become the best you can possibly be.