Dallas City Council members prepare for May elections

Believe it or not, another election season in Dallas is just around the corner. Although it’s not the mayor’s race this time, it’s a critical point as the citizens of Dallas have the opportunity to elect new faces with new ideas. 

All 14 seats of the Dallas City Council are up for re-election on May 6. Eleven of the council seats are being contested three unopposed.  With the majority of the seats up for grabs, the citizens of Dallas can anticipate a shake-up on the council.     

The duties of city council members include approval of municipal ordinances, budgets and setting local tax rates. Council members are limited to four consecutive two-year terms. Frequently, after their terms have concluded, members move back into the private sector or seek different public service positions.  

The races are non-partisan and open to any citizen regardless of party registration. 

City Secretary Rosa A. Rios said, “We don’t consider party affiliation. That’s irrelevant to council races.” 

According to Robert Heard, deputy chairman of the Dallas County Elections Department, the deadline to register to vote in the May 6 joint election is April 6. Voter registration applications are available at most public libraries and post offices, the Dallas County Tax and a few are available at the newsroom in El Paso Hall Room E020. 

Voters can find information about elections on the Dallas County Elections Department website at www.dallascountyvotes.org/voterinformation. The Texas Secretary of State website with information about Texas Voter Registration is available at www.votetexas.gov/registertovote.