Batman takes on Joker in new Lego Movie

Three years after “The Lego Movie,” Will Arnett reprises his role of Batman in “The Lego Batman Movie.” This film centers on Batman whose main duty is to protect Gotham City from the crimes of The Joker (voiced by Zach Galifianiakis) and his minions from the Phantom Zone.

Batman reluctantly adopts his sidekick, Dick Grayson/Robin (voiced by Michael Cera), follows the plan from his female commander, Barbara Gordon (voiced by Rosario Dawson), while relying on his trust-worthy butler, Alfred Pennyworth (voiced by Ralph Fiennes). Together they team up to capture the Joker and save Gotham City.

This film was amazing and it was an improvement over the previous Batman films. I admired Arnett’s comedic performance and in his comments at the beginning and the end credits. I enjoyed the storyline, the characters, script writing, humor, music and the background made entirely out of two ingredients: Legos and CGI.

The film includes references to other Batman productions including the Dark Knight Trilogy. I found it humorous to hear references to those classics. The music reminded me of Hans Zimmer’s work from the Dark Knight Trilogy.

Overall, this film is stunning. The fans of Lego and Batman films will not be disappointed. It’s like your favorite Batman movie but with Lego. It’s a spectacular two-hour masterpiece to watch while eating lobster and popcorn for dinner with a slice of cheesecake. Remember the movie’s musical catchphrase: everything is awesome!

Grade: A+