Beyond Super Bowl, this week in local and major league

Richland wrestling finished fourth out of 16 teams at the Western National Duals in St. George, Utah the weekend of Jan. 27 and 28. Wins over USC, Fresno State, and Montana Tech put Richland in the semifinals against the eventual champion, Grays Harbor out of Washington State.  Richland lost 36-24, and they were Gray's Harbor's closest match of the tournament.  Richland recorded four pins in this match.  Another loss to Wayne State 31-27 put the Ducks in fourth place.  Two wrestlers were undefeated, Maripo Gasarabaga at #141, and James (Tre) Moore at #157. The Grapplin Ducks will be at Texas A&M in College Station for the NCWA Texas State Duals on Feb. 11 right after the Longhorn Classic in Austin.

The men's basketball team is on the hunt for another Metro Athletic Conference (MAC) title. The T-Ducks are right behind Eastfield, Mountain View and conference leader North Lake. Richland defeated Southwestern Christian University JV, 86-81 on the first day of February. The T-Ducks shot 36 of 65 from the field, seven from three point range. Forward Chris Murphy led the way with 27 points shooting 13 of 15. Plus Murphy added in seven rebounds and two assists. Forward Wesley Franklin scored 10 and dished out three assists, five rebounds and two steals. The T-Ducks will wrap up the season with rematches of the other Dallas County schools. 

Head coach Jon Havens clearly stated that it could be anybody's year to win the MAC title because there's so much parody in the league. A lot different from a couple of years back where Richland was tops in the nation all around. Havens said that, "The biggest game on our schedule is the next one. So we have to try to prepare each day like if it's our last and biggest game of the season." 

College basketball tournaments are right around the corner with Baylor, Kansas, Gonzaga and defending national champion Villanova as the four top seeds. This is by far one the best basketball seasons in Baylor's history. But as usual, you really can't depend on the NCAA tournament. Millions of fans had their brackets busted in the first three days of the tournament, so why bother filling that stuff out?!!

Lastly, there were talks about the NFL's Raiders, if plans to relocate to Las Vegas fail then San Diego could be front-runner to pick up the franchise. But like I said in the previous issues of the Chronicle, that stadium in San Diego is a mess!! 

For the first time in decades, Los Angeles now has two NFL teams since the Chargers left San Diego. Of all places, the Chargers will play in a smaller, soccer-friendly stadium in Carson, California that seats up to 30,000. That was very thoughtless of them. 

Well, Major League Soccer is rapidly becoming a very big North American sports league. They now have ‘22 teams including two new franchises, in Atlanta and Minneapolis. By 2018, the league will add a second Los Angeles club and possibly a franchise in Miami. By 2020, the MLS will have 26 teams and by maybe 2021 or ‘22, they'll have 28. 

Well, while you're at it, go for 30 teams like all the other leagues. Since San Diego and St. Louis doesn't have football teams anymore, let those two cities have their team. 

                                                -Tru Armstrong