I think, therefore I am on the radio

The Richland College Philosophy Club challenges students’ views on different topics, ranging from death to animal rights, among others.  Philosophy Professor Geoff Manzi sponsors the club. 

Manzi said when he first came to Richland, he noticed there was not a philosophy club. 

 “I thought it was such a shame because after my first few weeks teaching here at Richland and being able to interact with the students I could tell there would be a response to it and people would like it,” said Manzi.  “We worked with Student Life and we were able to get it going.”  

The club provides a platform for students to express different ideas, learn about famous philosophers and what they have to say on a variety of topics.

“What I found is that students are already thinking, but they don’t really know how to think about these kinds of things. Thinking philosophically, which I contend that we all do it as human beings who wonder about these things naturally,” said Manzi. “I would say, we none the less, struggle with what to do with these ideas and these questions and sometimes it can be an isolating experience. 

So what the Philosophy Club does is provide a forum, a venue for these thoughts and these questions to be shared with other people and learn how to think on topics such as death or the soul or animal rights.” 

Manzi said by discussing these ideas out loud students can develop the ability to articulate thoughts about abstract and heavy subjects and to do so in an informal setting while remaining respectful. It creates an opportunity for great conversation. 

During club meetings, members discuss one topic that is driven and suggested by the members. Manzi begins the discussion and provides a thought-provoking quote from a famous thinker to get the ball rolling. Students follow up with ideas and comments about it. The topics that were not picked are used in future club meetings. 

“We save all the topics and eventually the topic will have its day to be discussed and I think that’s important because it’s a student club and the members are the backbone, I just facilitate.” The Philosophy Club is open to students, faculty and staff who would like to discuss and express their ideas.  

The Philosophy Club airs live on KDUX Web Radio Wednesday from 1 to 2 p.m., or listen to the podcast at RichlandStudentMedia.com.