International Film Series for students on Richland Campus

Richland College is a campus full of diversity and different cultures. Many times, we see these cultures merging with American culture and becoming something original. Quite often, we find ourselves trying to communicate in languages other than our own and engrossing ourselves into different cultural holidays. If anthropology and learning about the diversity of cultures interests you, check out the International Film Series hosted here on campus.

The series began Feb. 16 with a screening of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and continues through April 27. The series is hosted by the Language Center and the Richland College Library with screenings held in Sabine S117 at 12:30 p.m.

The purpose of these series is to "fully promote international culture awareness," said Lisa Katzenstein, instructional specialist in the Language Center here on campus.

The film series is free of charge and open to all students. Viewers are encouraged to enjoy their lunch while they watch the film. Discussions about the film and cultural differences will be held after the viewing. The full schedule follows.