EDITORIAL: A call to arms: in defense of a free press

Like the industrial revolution some 200 years ago, we are living through a revolution. In the internet age, people feel like their lives are moving relentlessly fast and they are overwhelmed by the forces of technology, automation, and globalization. 

To compete with social media, news networks try to be more entertaining by appealing to people’s biases and often focusing on irrelevant events. There’s a segment of society that distrusts information put out by the traditional news media. In many ways this is justified because the media have become splintered and polarized. 

The same technology that brings the world to the palm of our hands also causes us to narrow our point of view.  People receive so much information, fake news and alternative facts, they are overwhelmed and don’t know what is true anymore. They take advantage of the technology but would rather stay in their own bubbles. 

We at the Richland Chronicle want to make clear that we are committed to informing our readers with accurate information, distinguishing between fact and opinion. During times such as this, we feel it’s urgent to reestablish the credibility of the free press because it is an indispensable cornerstone of democracy. Yet, journalists, like all people, can make mistakes and get information wrong. 

As a student-run newspaper we try to inform our readers about relevant news on campus, locally, regionally and nationally, about the events that affect our lives. We are not a tabloid that aims to slander reputations, but have a right to question those in power and a duty to inform our readers. 

We pledge to you, our readers, to do our best in reporting, whether in print, online, on radio or television. We pledge to have more town hall meetings, conduct more surveys, and improve our online presence to report on relevant matters affecting our lives.

The Chronicle prides itself on the diversity reflected by our school in hopes that we fully capture the common aspects of our humanity. Finally, we ask you to play a part by being involved. If you have story ideas, comments or suggestions, stop by the newsroom or follow us online. Our paper is a platform for every student to be able to step into the public arena and have their voice heard.  We hope you will join us. 

— Editorial Board