Turkey Trot gobbles up runners

The 44th annual Turkey Trot was held at Richland on Nov. 2. The event was held on the south side of the gym. Intramural Sports Director John Stanson and the Physical Education Department organized the race.

Almost 200 participants showed up to have fun before Thanksgiving Day. They chose between a three-mile run or a two-mile walk at their own pace. Stanson gave the departure signal around 12:45 p.m. and the first runners were in front, with the walkers behind them.

All the participants got a free T-shirt. At the end of the event, everybody came back and put their ticket in a container to participate in a drawing for clothing prizes such as pants, hats, shorts, etc.

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According to Stanson, the Turkey Trot is for Richland students, faculty and staff only, because it is about our community. Some people invited their families and brought their pets to enjoy a fun time together. The event was free to enter. Even though the runners’ times did not matter, it was still important for some.

Logan Tompson, who finished the race first, thinks that his time of 18 minutes to finish the three mile run in was very good, considering he never raced in high school.

“I did not prepare for this and now I am dying. Anyway, it was fun,” Thompson said.

The first walker to finish was Cassie Thompson, a program services coordinator. She had a record time of under 25 minutes for the two-mile trek.

“I usually walk. I think one of the great incentives for us staff members [is] that we have a wellness time, come out and walk when it is not getting dark. That was probably the best time I ever walked,” Thompson said.

“I felt pretty good, I still had a very good time. Three miles in 30 minutes sounds very good for me. I loved it. It was definitely a great way that I go right to break, Thanksgiving break, again burning calories and also came here to have fun,” said Professor Woodrow Goss.

Carrie Barrett, ESOL professor, said, “I feel OK. I did my best. I prepared for the race, I had 23 minutes. This is my preparation for Thanksgiving. I am so happy. It was good.”

"I love the T-shirt. I just walked. It was good to have a relaxing time," said Than Nguyen, a student.

Stanson said he hopes to have more participants in the Turkey Trot next year. For those who want training to participate in next year’s Turkey Trot, check the website at: http://running.competitor.com/