NBA live, 2K and Madden review

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I am extremely happy that EA Sports put the fun back in NBA Live. Before 2K Sports existed, NBA Live was the most exciting basketball video game in the market. Now that it’s back for the 2017-18 season with NBA Live 18, can it top 2K Sports NBA 2K18? Honestly, no.

2K Sports is once again dominating the NBA. What’s interesting about Electronic Arts is that they have the WNBA in NBA Live 18. That idea was to appeal more female gamers, but you won’t see that in NBA 2K18. Both brands have streetball action like the Drew League and the famous Rucker Park League. What NBA Live 18 doesn’t have is a lot of legends and classic teams. NBA 2K18 brings the history right to your home. I mean seriously, don’t you want Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson and Shaquille O’Neal on your team?

Although NBA Live has improved its gameplay, no one does it better than the NBA 2K series. The action, the players, the coaches, the fans, the arenas, the broadcasters. Customize your own team, cities and nicknames, uniforms, logos and even court designs. Compete with the best worst and worst with multiplayer and online battles. With in-depth analysis from MyLeague and MyGM.

NBA 2K18 gives you complete inside access from the pre-season to the post-season. Last season and the years before on the NBA 2K series, any team won the NBA title goes to the White House and meet President Barack Obama. Well…..I’m not so sure about this season’s video game. With so many features for $59.99, 2K Sports wins again.

I love EA Sports because of their Madden NFL series. 2K Sports dropped the NFL from its lineup years ago due to mediocre gameplay and EA Sports’ exclusive license of the NFL. So 2K Sports grabbed the NBA and the rest is history. EA Sports has NBA JAM on Android Iphone apps but maybe they update it and bring it back to the consoles. We would love to see this season stars on fire….”